Come Visit Us in Burundi

Travel to Burundi from anywhere in the world is quite a complicated process! Check British Airways, Kenya Airways, Ethiopia Airlines and others for comparisons of flights paths and prices. Try Sky Scanner and Kayak as well.

Return tickets purchased in advance can be as cheap as $1,200 and Premium Economy can make the tickets as high as $2,400. If you visit Burundi you should plan to spend a couple of days in Europe, Kenya or Rwanda as part of your travel. The travel to Burundi from the USA is long and tiring. We recommend that you have no plans at all for your first day here so you can rest and adjust.

Visas are required for Burundi prior to departure. This can be a long process and should be completed as early as possible.

If coming from the US: Official website:

Basic steps:
1. Get everything listed on the website
2. Including invitation letter
3. Scan everything in packet, mail it to embassy, email them copy of packet so they can begin processing.
Other countries are similar. Please go to your local embassy’s website for details.
Also make sure to get the Yellow Fever Vaccination and travel with your Yellow Card. Be advised by your local Public Health or Travel clinic on recommended vaccinations and get a malaria tablet prescription, bring mosquito repellant and anti-itch cream.

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