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Our Approach

Clean water is an investment with long-term impact. A hand pump provides water to about 500 people. In dense communities, multiple taps and reservoirs can support in excess of 3,000 people. Think East Africa’s project model is designed around Burundian staff, local buy-in, and accountable teamwork to foster lasting change in each community we serve.

We’ve developed an 8-step process to reflect this.

Our 8 Step Process

1) Site Selection

  • Determine a local partner: A church, medical center, school, children’s home or coffee farm.
  • Gain approval from the Provincial Water Authorities
  • Form a water committee made up of community members

2) Assessment

  • Evaluate local water sources and abundance of water supply
  • Assess the effects of poor water quality on area health and agriculture
  • Research population and demographics, including education and literacy levels, life expectancy and disease data, and political climate.

3) Surveys

A hydro geologist surveys the site for water access that is both viable and easily reached by community members.

4) Community Training on Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene [WASH]

  • Equip community members on successful use of the water pump
  • Teach them how to utilize fresh water in daily life
  • Determine a fix and repair plan in event of equipment breakdown.

5) Share the Gospel

During a training session, our staff shares the good news of Christ’s death on the cross for the forgiveness of our sins. This is a critical part of our work and the reason for everything we do.

6) Drill

A construction team of engineers and hydro geologists drill, water test, case, and cement the new water well and pump.

7) Opening of the Well

The community comes together to celebrate receiving the gift of clean water!

8) Follow up and maintenance

Three months after the well opening, Think East Africa staff conducts a follow-up visit to ensure all parts are in working order. We are also available to handle maintenance requests at any time.