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Think East Africa is currently managing a large scale water development project. The scope of the project is as follows:

  • Building relationships with church groups and development organizations
  • Community research and assessment of water needs
  • Site surveying for water availability
  • Hygiene and sanitation training
  • Presentation of the Gospel
  • Drilling, cementing
  • Inauguration – opening of the well to the public
  • Maintenance training
  • Follow up and maintenance visits
  • As of January 2017, we have 120 water wells under our management
Visit the Watchguard Video Cares web page.

WatchGuard Video is the primary underwriter of this nationwide water development project. WatchGuard and Think East Africa are committed to the principles of Christ – making disciples, helping the orphan and the widow, regarding the needy. By God’s grace – with additional sponsors – our hope is to make clean water available across the entire country of Burundi.

How You Can Help

$16,000 –          Water for a large village of of around 3,000 people with solar panels and electric pump. 
We will install an engraved plaque on the pump providing thanks to the individual, company or organization. We will also provide photography and GPS coordinates of the completed site. 1 in 6 wells has the population and adequate water supply to benefit from increased efficiency provided with an electric pump.

$8,800 –           Water for a village of of around 800 people.
We will install an engraved plaque on the pump providing thanks to the individual,company or organization. We will also provide photography and GPS coordinates of the completed site.

$4,400 –            Water for half of a village well.

$1,000 –            Clean Water for 100 people.

$90 –                 Clean water for a complete household.

$10 –                  The cost to provide clean water to one Burundian.

Burundi is a deeply impoverished nation; bringing fresh water to a village provides HOPE. Water is life. Please click on the DONATE page if you would like to help. Thank you so very much.